What does it mean to have a Beachbody?

What does it mean to have a BEACHBODY? Is it a number on the scale, your measurements, your bikini size?…. or is it something else?


Health and Fitness can be a touchy subject (ohhhh how I have learned lol). Working for a company named BEACHBODY, can bring up a lot of hostility from people at times. But why? I mean, what does a “Beachbody” really look like?

As a society, we argue over what a “Beachbody” should look like, a Dove Ad or Victoria's Secret model. We also argue over what swim suit size is the healthy size (a 16, 8, or 2). We bash and judge all who don't fit into OUR ideal image (to heavy or to thin), but we forgot to factor in the most important element. What does it FEEL LIKE to have a “Beachbody”? What does THAT look like to each of us?

Living healthy involves a mix of physical, mental, and emotional mechanisms that make us who we are. If you think about it, we literally create our own bodies from the inside out… with what we put in, what we think, and what we do. Regardless of what we think a picture-perfect “Beachbody” looks like, there is one thing we all have in common when it comes to health and fitness, and that is that everyone wants to feel good.

So what is does a “Beachbody” really look like? It looks like a happy and healthy YOU, in whatever YOU like to wear to the beach ;-) Pretty simple isn’t it.


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