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When I got pregnant with my son, a lot of people said and did things that annoyed me lol! Touching and rubbing my belly, asking extremely personal questions that were none of their business, and of course pushing their parenting theories and "advice" on me. . However.... the most annoying thing A LOT of people did was tell me to say "goodbye to my body"! This was by far the thing that bothered me the most, especially because I made a solid effort to stay on point with my nutrition and workout during my pregnancy. Not JUST for my baby, but for ME too!! . These comments affected me. For a long time after I had my son. I almost gave up. Almost. Then I decided I would prove them wrong. Yes I would still workout even after I had a baby. Yes I would still care about what I ate. Yes I would still make myself a priority! . So I did! And I do every day!


Do you make yourself a priority? Are you taking care of yourself every day so that you can be the strongest, healthiest, and happiest person you can be? 2017 can be your time to start doing this! Contact me to chat about YOUR goals :-)

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