Working out AT HOME vs AT THE GYM

Wana know which one works better?? Wana know which one is easier?? Wana know which one will give you faster results?? . The answer to all of the above is this… The one that works for you and your lifestyle. The one that DO 6-7 days a week for at least 30 min a day!! That is the one that works best for YOU! . As you all know, I am a huge fan of in home workouts because after having my son the gym just did not work for me anymore. I was not going 6-7 days a week anymore, and when I was there I found myself lost as the clock ticked on. I needed structure, accountability and a community of support to get myself to DO IT everyday. SO for me, Beachbody works. It gives me all of the above and then some. . For Felipe Basualto (my hubby)

, the gym works. It always has and who knows, maybe it always will. Though he does peek at Beachbody On Demand every once and a while ;-) He works out 6-7 days a week, eats 80-20 on the same nutrition plan as me, drinks Shakeology everyday, plus Energize and Recovery (before and after workout supplements). . We are both fit, strong, and healthy! There is no comparing what works better because we are both just doing what works for us! That’s all you need to do. Find what works for you and your life right now. Find it, and DO IT!

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