The Ripple Effect!

As most of you know, I spend a good chunk of my work time running online accountability groups. Groups full of people (mainly women and more specifically other mamas) who are working on themselves! Working on making good nutrition and daily physical activity a regular part of their lives. 👌🏼 . The really cool thing about this is that in addition to helping other mamas get themselves on the road to a healthy lifestyle, their family's are also benefiting from this!! If the kiddies/spouses aren't already on board with mama on day one... it's usually only a matter a time before I get a message telling me that the whole family has jumped in on a workout, or is interested in trying out some cleaner meal ideas!!!! 🤗 . This is truly what I'm striving for everyday!!! To create a ripple effect of health and wellness!!! ❤️

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