No More Excuses

Did you know that when we come across something new in life, most of us automatically come up with a reason as to why this new thing CAN NOT WORK for us. Why? Because new is SCARY and totally makes us feel uncomfortable. Every excuse, road block, reason why we can't, is to protect ourselves from FEAR of failure and FEAR of rejection. . So every time you make an excuse like : . "I don't have time " "I don't have money" "I won't be good at it"

"Maybe next month" "It's just not for me" . You are putting up walls to protect yourself from what you think might end in failure or rejection. . Well now you know you don't need protection from those things... BECAUSE they are just a thought in your head and they are not real! . Stop wasting energy on trying to protect yourself from something that is not even happening... its exhausting. .

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