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From unhealthy, insecure, lacking confidence, and energy... to FIT, healthy, happy, confident and energized! . I'm a mom of a three year old boy. I started working out again when my son was 8 weeks old as a coping mechanism while I battled with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety (which I didn't admit I had for about a year later). . It took me a full year to realize that working out was not enough. I needed support, I needed people who understood how I felt, and people who could help me get out of my new mom funk! I now work day in and day out to help other women and moms LIKE ME to rediscover themselves and learn to love themselves from the inside out!!! . You don't have to struggle alone, in silence. Join my Facebook group for support, motivation, encouragement, guidance, inspiration, and daily accountability if you want to make a change!! It's easier when you're surrounded by like-minded people. . Together we are STRONGER and BETTER ladies!! Let me help you be the BEST version of YOU right now :-) . To join us.......submit this application and I'll be in touch ASAP or simply send me a message!!!! . If you think you may be interested in joining my Coaching Team, please submit the following application ;)

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