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I have so many people coming to me who "eat healthy most of the time" or "don't even eat any carbs" yet they still can't lose the excess weight or more importantly can't keep it off. Well the reason for that is most likely because many people do not eat the correct portions of each healthy food every day. Don't feel bad. I was like this too up until about 2 years ago... AND thought cutting carbs was the way to go after I had my son. Now I see I was so wrong!! . ​So this means you have to weigh and measure your food every single time you eat right? Heck no lol! See these containers, these are colour coded portion controlled containers from our programs. They work, AND they are easy to use! . The portion controlled meal guide and containers teach you how to calculate the calories your own body needs every day. We all need to eat enough of each food in order to fuel our bodies so that they can function properly and then comes the act of burning calories and fat etc. <--- this is why cutting all carbs out of your diet DOES NOT WORK long term! ;-) . I get that it sounds all to good to be true. You get to eat carbs to lose weight, and stay healthy.?! Yes you do :-) The right amount and the right kind of carbs along with everything else your body NEEDS :-)

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