Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino - Just say NO!

✅ Went to Starbucks ❌ Did not spend $4.95 for the Unicorn Frappuccino ❌ Did not drink 410 EMPTY CALORIES & ZERO NUTRIENTS ❌ Did not ingest 59 GRAMS OF PROCESSED SUGAR ❌ Did not send my unborn child into a diabetic coma . Yes, I indulge at times, and I have treats because without balance life would be pretty boring, right?! HOWEVER, to buy in to THIS “SHAKE” with such gusto, and not a healthy one totally boggles my mind!!! . Did you know that Starbucks actually went viral in less than 24 hours for a drink that has ONE AND A HALF TIMES the MAXIMUM amount of added sugar that's recommended for your body per day!!!!😕 . And people are flocking to Starbucks to grab these chemicals in a cup for themselves as well as their children!! 🙈 . April 23rd can’t come soon enough LOL! 😂

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