💁🏼 I try to explain how much it's helped me, but I still don't talk about it nearly enough! . 👉🏼 Here is the thing.... SO many people are dealing with a major issue right now, and that is our food options these days. Unless you're planning and prepping 100% every single week for every single meal and snack (which I know almost no one does), our busy lives have us eating 💩 ....and as a result....we can't 💩 . 🤣 LOL! Okay so some of your are grossed out right now, but these are the facts of life people! I have had bowel issues for most of my life.... nothing uber serious and never been hospitalized or on medication, but my insides just did not function to the best of their ability. Being backed up is TOXIC......your body NEEDS to purge and when it doesnt, your body isn't a happy vessel!! . 🙌🏼 SHAKEOLOGY is what changed it all for me! No more built up toxins. No more feeling bloated 75% of the day. Add to that the fact that I'm getting a 💩ton of vitamins and minerals that keep me satisfied and not craving junk (we crave junk when we miss crucial components of a healthy nutritional balance). This superfood awesomness naturally energizes me, AND my hair and nails are growing like crazy! . 🤗🤗 Definitely worth every single penny. I wouldn't miss a day!!

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