💥💥Special Edition 7 Day Coaching Sneak Peek is happening July 10th through July 16th!💥💥 . 🤗🎭✈️ Follow us to New Orleans for our Annual Beachbody Conference (also know as Summit). . Topics Include: ➡️What exactly is Beachbody Coaching ➡️How do I make money & how much do you earn ➡️Is it a pyramid scheme ➡️How do you build a business from your kitchen table in 1 hour a day . Common Objections (that we will squash for you): ➡️I am not at my goal body ➡️I don't want to "sell" to people ➡️I don't have a large network/following . 👉🏼In addition to the above you will get the inside scoop on what goes on during our yearly trips with our incredible company. Why we make it a priority to attend, how it builds our relationships with other coaches, how it helps us develop as individuals! We will take you behind the scene and show you all the conferences, parties, dinners, live celebrity workouts and MORE! . 😍If this is something you have been thinking about but you are not sure how it works, a sneak peek is a great opportunity for you to learn more without any obligation at all! . 💌⌚️ Message me now to secure your spot in the Private Facebook Group where all the info will be shared.

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