Today Will Never Come Again!

👉🏼A lot has happened in 2017 in our lives and to the people around us... and because life is full of positive and negative... not all of it has been warm and fuzzy. . 🤔Recent events have made us (as a family) really understand that next year, next week, tomorrow... none of this is ever a guarantee. We are trying to do more things NOW... and enjoy them when they are happening without worrying about the next thing. . "I'll do it later", "I don't have time", or "maybe next week" <-- we all say these things far to often without evening thinking. . 👉🏼Don't get my wrong, having big goals and a long term plan are still things I find important; however, we need to stop putting everything off till a later date. . 🤗🤗And you know what... what we do today will actually determine if tomorrow is a shitty day or a great day!!! By deciding to MAKE TODAY COUNT, we put ourselves on a stronger path to success in every aspect of our lives.

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